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Voice lessons

Sing - speak - have fun


Whether classical, jazz, pop, musical, hit, on stage or in class, the soprano offers everything that is fun. Work can also be carried out on speech training and voice training. Anything is possible with a solid breathing technique and healthy voice use.



Maike Neunast began teaching at various music schools during her studies.
She worked as a singing and piano teacher at the Cologne Music School and the Metronom Music School in Wesseling.

Maike Neunast also worked at the Westphalian School for Music as a singing teacher and as a choir director in the renowned JEKISS program.

She led the children's choirs in the parishes of St. Petronilla in Münster Handorf and in the Redeemer parish in Münster city center. She founded a choir in the St. Lamberti senior citizens' home in Münster and also directed the Lydia Voices gospel choir at the Lydia Church in Münster Nienberge.


In 2017 Maike Neunast moved back to her hometown Krefeld.


She currently teaches at the city music school in Krefeld as a singing teacher as well as in the field of early musical education and works as part of the JeKits program at the Mariannen elementary school in Krefeld.






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